New Banking Information

Free ACH (direct debit for payment of association fees)
Effective January 1 2019

CSI will no longer offer ACH in our office. We are asking all residents that would like ACH to use the AAB portal.

As technology continues to improve, we at CSI Property Management are trying to take advantage in any area which will help the associations we manage. We believe that moving to AAB is just one more step in helping our Boards and associations remain fiscally responsible by keeping cost down and return on investments up during this economic period.

Questions on the Bank Change- 

Why stopping ACH:
The draft is a major financial liability for CSI and the association to possess the homeowners banking information. 

Why can't CSI set my draft up? 
We are not legally allowed to set up residents drafts for them or transfer any information regarding residents bank information.

Management ID, Association ID and Account Number:
The management id number is 7141, your association id and account number will be on your coupon/statement.

CSI ACH draft:
We are doing CSI’s ACH draft for November and December. All banking information after the draft in December will be destroyed and scrubbed from our computer system.

Jan 1st start state:
If anyone changes their bank information now, we are processing duel lockboxes (Alliance & Union) through Jan 31st, so their payments will be posted correctly.

Automatic Bill payments:
This is when the resident has an automatic payment being sent from their bank. All they need to do for that is change the address to the Orlando Lockbox.
 New Lockbox 
Association Name
c/o CSI Processing Center
PO Box 620131
Orlando FL 32862-0131
ACH/E-Check Sign- In