Community Law Day
CSI is a proud sponsor for CAI-NC 2017 LAW DAY. This annual event will be held in Charlotte. There will be more details and registration information coming soon. With 16 learning sessions, plus an overview of legislative activity and anticipated developments and their impacts on community managers and leaders, planned for the day, this is an important event for board members.
SAVE THE DATE: Friday, March 22
8:00 AM-2:00 PM
Harris Conference Center

The price is $75 for CAI members and $95 for non-members.
CSI highly recommends that at least one board member (preferably two) attend. We will send out more information on registration when we receive it.
If your association is paying the registration fee for attendees, CSI can handle the registration process for you.
 Where else can you find answers in one day to questions like:

• "AAKK! our governing documents are old and fuzzy- what can we do?"
• “Did the developer do our community wrong? what now?”
• "Do we really have to provide every document ever requested?"
• “Who’s going to fix my property after a major weather event?”
• What does "fiduciary duty " mean in English?
• “What do we need to know now about flood insurance?”
• “Must we allow solar panels & antennas- what about political signs?”
• “When do we really need to tackle amendments, and what's the smart way to do it?"
• "What is the association obligated to pay for- or not?"