New Owner Info Request

Welcome to your new home!! We understand that you are busy unpacking and getting settled. You probably have a lot of questions about your Association. As soon as we receive your closing information, we will send you a welcome packet with forms for making exterior changes, information about how to make your assessment payments and other helpful information.

 If you live in a gated community, your remotes should be activated. If not, did you send us the gate remote form that lists your remote numbers? If you name is not in the directory, we will be happy to add it. When your guests arrive, they dial your directory number which dials the phone number that you have provided on the gate remote form. When your phone rings, listen to who is asking for access and then enter 9 on the telephone. You will be able to hear the gates opening. Sometimes you need to hit 9 more than once on a cell phone. The gate entry system does not dial long distance.
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