Our Core Values and Code of Ethics

CSI Property Management 
is committed to a comprehensive set of core values in order to maintain the high standards of professionalism when managing our communities. These core values include honesty, confidentiality, a commitment of operating within the current standards and practices expected in the State of North Carolina, maintaining our professional educational certifications and always acting in the best interests of our clients.

We are committed to the business of managing community associations. We do not offer ancillary services, do not provide realtor services, or any other ventures that might provide services to our clients.

We look for vendors that are committed to these same core values. We expect the vendor to give us the best possible price for performing the rquired service. We do not recommend "price haggling" as it creates an environment where the vendors will come in at higher prices so they have room to lower it.

The business of our company and that of our clients is held in the strictest confidence and under no circumstance is confidential information discussed with anyone not employed by CSI Property Management.

We expect our employees, vendors and clients to refrain from any conduct that creates conflicts of interest. Generally conflicts of interest occur when there is an opportunity for personal gain, actions that extend beyond any of our required duties, interference with our respective abilities to perform our duties, or actions that are adversarial and contrary to our core values.

Any conduct that is illegal or considered improper is prohibited. If you are aware of any employee, vendor or client involved in a conflict of interest or any situation that may be perceived as a conflict of interest, please contact Jonathan Swope at 704-892-1660.